Friday, October 28, 2005


I spent the week working on the new script titled DEADLY SACRAMENTS. It's about the murder of a priest. It looks like an open and shut case until the detective assigned to the case unravels more than what appears to meet the eye. I'm on page 39... and it's coming along. I wrote an earlier draft of this a few years ago, but I'm changing a great deal of it... a lot has happened in the world and in the Catholic Church since my first draft.

Anyway, the important thing is to keep writing. Talking with a writer friend of mine and we compared some tips for making our scripts better. Namely, we discussed how to make every scene more cinematic (visual). You've heard "show don't tell" in writing scripts, but it's so important to remember that for every scene. People go to the movies to see things "move", a story take action, and character is action. We aren't what we say in life, but what we do.

Also trimming dialogue. Screenplays aren't stage plays or novels. The less amount of dialogue the better -- let subtext build suspense (reading between the lines). I find over the years my scripts have gotten cleaner, leaner and read better on the page. I try to keep the eye moving along with the mind.

Still nada from the A-list producer. So, it's Friday and I took the bull by the horns and sent him an e-mail just to stay on his radar. I hope to get the notes for the sports script soon, but now I'm into this crime thriller... so either way, I'm writing.

By the way, if you ever need an experienced guy who provides great services to writers (info, published books on screenwriting, script evauations, classes) check out Skip Press. He's offered me some helpful advice the past few years. He's a published author and has SOLD scripts (which is good when consulting with someone on your own script). His website is and tell him Janet sent you. He's got an awesome screenwriters' network, too! Check it out.

Enjoy the weekend.


Mona said...

Your week sounds productive! You decided to write and you're already on page 39? My goodness, that's inspiring. I have a hard enough time gettin in a few paragraphs for a restaurant review. I love reading about the screenplay tips. I keep meaning to send this site to my bro. Will finally do that NOW :) Do you feel you have to do a lot of research for the backstory for your scripts? I was hoping to take on a book someday and found there were a lot of subjects I'd need to do serious research on...

kmtaylor said...

Hi there Janet! I found your site by way of Mona's Apple. She found my site through California Eating! Small web world, isn't?

I am enjoying your blog immensely. I'm in film school now (well, studying digital media and digital filmmaking) and need all the screenwriting advice I can get. Namely, how do I keep writing when I'm swamped with school and am addicted to trying out new restaurants? In any case, I loved your Anne Heche story. So glad to see you are writing even though the A-lister has called. My fingers are crossed for you!