Monday, July 12, 2010


Can Twitter and Facebook help you sell your latest screenplay?


Screenwriter Michael Elliot said he found his manager on Facebook. 

In his second webinar from Los Angeles on July 11th, the screenwriter of movies "Just Wright" and "Like Mike" encouraged screenwriters to look at movies similar to their own script -- check out the producer credits on the DVD or online -- and then see if those same producers are listed on Twitter and Facebook.  If they are, contact them. 

Be patient.  It may take some investigating to find the correct person listed since 'Joe Smith' may turn up several results, but when you find the right person, shoot them off a brief, friendly message (you don't have to "friend" them first) and ask if they'd like to read your script. 

It's worth a shot.  In this digital age, think outside the usual box for queries.  It won't even cost you a stamp or a phone call. 

Social media and e-mail are allowing screenwriters like yourself to reach producers, actors and fellow writers easier and faster than ever.  It's often open access to VIPs online if you do some digging.  So take advantage of the opportunity to push your brand and that new script.

Keep cool.

Until next time.