Friday, May 19, 2017

Eleanor Coppola Makes Her First Movie

Eleanor Coppola Makes Her Directorial Debut at Age 81
by Janet J. Lawler

Eleanor Coppola Directs
Eleanor Coppola has a famous last name, but she's quick to note she doesn't carry the Coppola DNA.

She's only married to Francis Ford Coppola ("The Godfather") for fifty-four years now. Oh, and she's also the mother of Sophia Coppola ("Lost in Translation"), but Eleanor has her own artistic voice.

She'd like you to give it a listen by seeing her new film "Paris Can Wait".  It opens this weekend in select theaters.
Eleanor and Francis
Eleanor Coppola is more known for her documentaries such as "Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmaker's Apocalypse", which focused on the insanity surrounding the making of her husband's movie "Apocalypse Now".  She also wrote a book about it ("Notes: The Making of Apocalypse Now").

But her new movie "Paris Can Wait" stars Diane Lane.  It's Eleanor's debut as a narrative feature film director.   She produced and wrote the movie too.  And if that isn't commendable enough, she's also 81 years old and venturing into a new world.

How hard was it to get this small movie made in today's Hollywood?

As Eleanor noted in recent interviews, it wasn't easy getting financing for her original story (loosely based on a road trip she took in France with a business associate of Francis Ford Coppola's while in Cannes).  The "Paris Can Wait" script didn't contain action, violence, sex or explosions.

Instead, it's a breezy, lovely film reminding us to slow down and savor every moment --  to venture off the main road of your life and explore new terrain, neighbors, food, scenery, art, see how others live and, maybe, just maybe, find a moment to breathe.

Boy, can we use a movie like that right now.  I could use a long weekend excursion through France.   And who better to spend a road trip with than Diane Lane?  In the French country side?  Sipping a glass of wine?
 "Paris Can Wait" is out.

Be sure to find it in your town and buy a ticket.   See it on the BIG screen.  Don't wait for it to land on Netflix or iTunes.

Not only because the director's last name is Coppola, but because Eleanor poured her heart and soul into making this film.  She took a chance on us, the mature movie audience, to find it.  It's a cinematic treat.  So, savor it like a French truffle.

These type of original movies won't be around for long.


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