Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Okay, sorry for not posting in some time. I'm fine, but somehow my computer erased my username and password and I couldn't log in to Isn't that lame? I had the info on "remember me" and when my Mac crashed I couldn't remember my username and password. Duh. Isn't that an awful feeling? It's like when you're at the ATM machine and forget your pin number. The world is made up of too many user names and passwords if you ask me.

So I'm back. Hope this finds you well. Go store all your usernames and passwords in a safe place. Never rely on computers.

As for writing, I paid to get some professional development notes. A professional reader in LA gave me incredible notes on my sports drama script. It will help me a lot with the rewrite. It's great to have an objective opinion from someone who seemed to really get the story and characters. His concerns and questions were right on the money and can be easily fixed. It cost $350 for this coverage and development notes, but I look at it as an investment in my work.

Well, glad to be back!