Wednesday, February 05, 2014

White Out
Ok, Winter, we get it.  You're here to stay.  As I write this, we're getting clobbered again with snow in New York.  More is expected this weekend -- a lot more.  I have to say, when I'm home, I love it.  When I have to go to work in it and step into knee-high dirty, slushy puddles in Manhattan, not so much.

But the snow is pretty... while it stays new and white and fluffy.

We just took a two week vacation to California last month.  Good thing, I loaded up on sunshine and vitamin D to last through this long winter.  California is so beautiful.  They have their weather issues too -- like no water -- a drought that is turning everything desert brown with a threat to their drinking water supply.  Wish we could send them some of this NY snow.  Mother Nature, take pity.

While in L.A., I stopped by the Writer's Store in Burbank.  I've bought things from them online for years, so it was great to finally visit the store.  They have every screenwriting book, software, seminar and supplies you can dream of -- I went crazy.  I bought Jen Grisanti's new book "Change Your Story, Change Your Life" which I highly recommend.  It's awesome.  You can apply this book to your writing, but more importantly, to your life. 
Jen Grisanti's new book
Are you living your life through ego or spirit?  Think about it.  Is it your soul or your pride that makes your life choices?  Jen's book is worth picking up.  I'm almost done with it.  I started reading it on the flight back from L.A. to N.Y. -- doesn't that sound so Hollywood? 

We were in L.A. when the Oscars were announced.  I expected it to be buzzing with excitement and industry noise... but I didn't notice too much activity.  I saw some screenwriters working on their scripts in coffee cafes and a few actors, but nobody was saying "Did you hear who got nominated?  Or didn't get nominated?"  Could it be that the Oscars are a bigger deal to us on the East Coast?  Or maybe it's because when in NY, I'm usually working in a newsroom... so when the Oscar nominations come out, it's NEWS... it's BUZZ... it's the Academy Awards!
Ellen returns
Glad Ellen is hosting The Oscars again for the second time.  She'll do a fun job.  The only possible host better right now would be Bruno Mars.  He'd keep the night moving.  To think Bruno almost quit on his career a few years back.  He couldn't get anyone to take him seriously while working in Hawaii -- music execs told him he didn't have what it takes to succeed on the mainland -- um, goes to show what can happen if you believe in yourself and keep creating your own voice.  Go, Bruno!
Now that's a Half-Time Show
I'm outlining my new screenplay today as the snow falls.  It's called The Tenant.  It's a very New York story.  Not a thriller, but suspenseful.  It's not even a first draft yet -- so today, I'll write up index cards to build scenes, jot down bits of dialogue, key images, etc.  Then once that's done, I will start writing the first draft in the weeks and months ahead.  I  just have to get it all down on paper.  Easy, right?

Maybe I'll just go outside and play in the snow.

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