Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 was sure an interesting year.  It will go down in the record books and not for many positive reasons.  It was a year of political unrest and shocks and celebrity deaths that rocked our world.  We lost David Bowie, Prince and other pop culture icons.

Debbie and Carrie
So sad about the passing of actress Carrie Fisher and her mom Debbie Reynolds.  Talk about a love story.  For those who have experienced it, there is nothing like the bond between a mother and daughter.   Both of those ladies were true talents and their wit and voices will be missed.  Their legacy lives on together now and apart.
City of Stars
My favorite movie of 2016 was La La Land.  It's such an uplifting, colorful and vibrant movie with a great soundtrack.  The story is about two artists trying to find their way in the world, to stay true to themselves and yet open their hearts to another.  Sweet story and two great performances by Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling.  It's just the type of movie needed for 2016.

Next month we'll have a new President of the United States.   Should be interesting to watch and see what our 45th President accomplishes in his transition of power.  Enough said.

On a writing note, 2016 was a solid year.  I signed with a manager in Los Angeles and my spec script The Tenant is now officially In Development with a director attached.   You can read more about it on IMDBPro.  I just finished my first "rewrite assignment" for a producer on an international film project.   And my short play The Kiss premiered on Distilled Radio

I'll keep you posted on other developments in 2017!

Until then, have a WONDERFUL and PROSPEROUS New Year!  Much joy and great health!  Keep writing and enjoying movies!

Happy New Year (from the City of Stars in California!)

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