Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Today I'm waiting to hear from an A-list producer in Hollywood who has taken a liking to my sports drama script.

A-lister thinks it's "too Lifetime-y" at the moment, so I have to make changes. What's wrong with Lifetime? I guess only a woman would ask that question, huh? Anyway, my agent/manager says it's worth waiting for his notes. I rewrote the script in August for him (after a productive phone call from the producer). I think the script is strong as is, but I'm not an A-list producer. And since he might take the script into the studio under his arm (with name attached), I better listen... and perform.

So I wait... patiently... impatiently. My freelance editing gig is drying up soon (money), so I'm getting a little anxious about finances, especially with the holidays looming around the corner. I can't tell my family I'm broke because I'm a struggling writer... been at the game too long to use that old excuse.

I'm applying for some jobs... reluctantly... because if I get a full-time job, the writing goes on a side burner. I've been almost unemployed for a year and one thing I've come to see is that writing for the movies involves lots of waiting. Waiting for the phone to ring, waiting to hear from your agent, waiting for the producer/director/actor to read the script, waiting for notes, waiting to MAKE A DAMN LIVING!!

Okay. Rant done. Plan to walk around Manhattan today (beautiful fall day), see a movie or two, and then come home and check my emails and phone messages.

Waiting in NY.

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