Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Wow, has it really been before Thanksgiving since I last posted? I apologize to anyone following this blog. I went from freelance to staff as a content producer at a major media company and I'm a bit under water these days. I usually made my bread and butter editing (Avid) but now I'm writing news, editing the news and producing the news. Three jobs in one, plus I'm a media manager on weekends.

When do I have time to work on my scripts? Not much these days -- but now that I'm finally getting my nose out of work tech manuals -- I'm back in the game. I know I'm ready when I start daydreaming about scenes in my scripts. I had one the other day that was crystal clear and seemed to write itself -- and Sandra Bullock was the star of it -- hey, a girl can dream.

I went to Barnes and Noble today to buy birthday gifts -- and of course I was drawn to the screenwriting section. It gets bigger and bigger. I bought the published script version of "The Reader". It was an excellent movie (love Kate Winslet!) and the script is so lean and so deeply moving on many levels. I had "Milk" in hand, but our apartment in Astoria is running out of book space -- so I put it back. I'll read it online.

So, my friends out there, HAPPY 2009 and let's make it a year of tackling our projects and moving forward in whatever way that is for each of us. We have a new PRESIDENT (insert back flip here) and onward we go!!