Sunday, October 16, 2005


So, in January '99, Anne Heche was still attached to star in my original screenplay "BRUTAL PATTERN". Mike Farrell and Marvin Minoff to produce. Now they were seeking a male co-star. Anne Heche told me on the phone she was getting the script to Robert DeNiro (they had just made "Wag the Dog" together). I found out he passed. The reason? I was told he felt the male role wasn't as strong as the female role and it wasn't for him. The producers moved on to Jeff Bridges and Treat Williams (both passed). Do those guys work a lot? They passed just the same.

Meanwhile, Anne Heche and Ellen DeGenneres were on all the magazine covers talking about their relationship and how Hollywood was punishing them for "coming out". So they would punish Hollywood and turn their backs on it. WHAT?!

The producers said Anne Heche told them "I didn't mean you". "Brutal Pattern" was still a go project. But still no co-star, no director... Anne Heche's agents were getting anxious... is this project getting off the ground or not? Months go by... still no male co-star attached, no director. Anne Heche changes talent agents. I extend the option agreement with the producers. I wait.

My mother becomes very ill. She has ovarian cancer. It's Stage 4 when it's discovered. There is no Stage 5. My entire world crumbles. Nothing else matters to me but her. She undergoes chemotherapy and surgery. She fights with all her strength to battle this horrible disease and stay alive. By November 1999, my mother passed away. She was 68. I'm lost. Do you know what the world is like without your mother? God, I hope not. It's awful.

I soon find out Anne Heche is no longer attached to "Brutal Pattern". The project isn't getting made. They might try Jennifer Lopez. Her manager hasn't gotten back yet. The option will lapse soon. Anne Heche and Ellen DeGenneres break up. Apparently, they want no part of each other, but they want back into the good graces of Hollywood. Mike Farrell keeps busy working in TV starring in "Providence". Marvin Minoff, his producing partner, tells me they hope to work with me again in the future. I concentrate on writing more scripts and working as an editor in cable news. Life goes on...

A new millennium is upon us... (FLASH FORWARD!) Ellen "EL" becomes a huge, popular TV talk show host, Anne Heche gets married, has a kid, and works primarily on TV and Broadway these days, Mike Farrell and Marvin Minoff are still producing, "Providence" was cancelled by NBC , my entertainment lawyer Egon Dumler passed away, I signed with a new management company in LA and still write spec scripts, and Jennifer Lopez... well, she did star in a cop movie (just not mine), something about "Angel Eyes". It didn't do too well at the B.O. She should've done mine. Don't you think??

It's funny... if you check one of Anne Heche's bio's online it lists "Brutal Pattern" as one of her movies. Goes to show you... you can't believe anything on the Internet.

Write On.

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