Sunday, December 10, 2006


Let me highly recommend you read Blake Snyder's popular screenwriting book "SAVE THE CAT". It's a very easy read, with some laughs, and it will give you numerous pointers on perfecting your next script. I just took Blake's one-day seminar here in New York and it was terrific. Great, proactive group of screenwriters all picking an expert's brain -- Blake is one of those rare screenwriting authors/instructors/consultants who actually has sold screenplays. He's a working writer in L.A. and couldn't be kinder and more patient. What a pleasure to be a part of his class.

A few years ago I took a two-day weekend course with a very well-known L.A. screenwriting guru and he was rude to his students and very condescending. He would limit everyone to something like three questions to be asked after the seminar. I can understand that because some students want to hear their own voice and we're not paying them for the class. We want to get the lecture from an expert -- the instructor. You know the type? The screenwriting know-it-all-student? So I can respect limiting questions in class, but unlike Blake, this other instructor was just downright snippy. So before you pluck down cash and register for seminars, check out these folks thoroughly. Well-known or not, if they're not respected of the writer and his or her struggle, move on. There are plenty of pros out there who will help with a smile -- Blake Snyder is one of them. Buy his book! It should be a part of your screenwriting library. I just added my signed copy to the shelf.

Now back to writing!