Tuesday, February 17, 2009


As of my last post, I mentioned that my short play is going to be produced Off-Off Broadway. It's called "NetFits" about a couple who's love is tested when they open a joint Netflix account. Can you live with someone if they hate the movies you like?

The play will be produced on stage in May here in the city. I met with the director yesterday to discuss the production, casting and details for the rehearsals in April. It was great fun. I've always loved theater and playwriting, but never imagined myself as a playwright. My passion was, and is, screenwriting -- but I see why writing for the stage is so alluring. It's a great way to get your work produced and "hear" your dialogue. Your work can be seen by people who appreciate the written word and the writer behind it. And to experience all that with an audience must be amazing... I'll let you know how it feels for me in May.

Getting ready for the Oscars? I'm a little behind this year in movie-watching for the Academy Awards, but I hope to catch up by the weekend. I'm rooting for Kate Winslet. Other than that -- I'll just sit back and enjoy the show.


Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Yesterday, the phone rang and it was an artistic director from a NYC theater company. She left a voicemail on my machine that said my short play "NetFits" had been selected to be performed at the American Globe Theater's 15 Minute Play Festival in May.

I submitted the work in the early fall and forgot about it. I sent a few copies of the play out. From screenwriting, I know that all you can do is send it and hope for the best. I don't usually follow up with people because it's like dating -- if it went well -- you'll hear from the person. You don't need to call and bug them.

That was one of the best phone calls I've received in a long time about my writing.
So keep writing, people, and don't sit by the phone... or check your e-mails every five seconds... but sooner or later, that call or e-mail will come.

And I hope you'll come see my play in May. The dream lives on.