Thursday, October 20, 2005


Heard from my agent yesterday regarding the A-list producer I'm waiting to get notes from on the sports script. He's swamped with projects for the WB, but will send notes by the end of this week. My agent said to be patient... she wasn't making excuses for him... that this is the way the business goes. The fact that he hasn't "passed" on the project is encouraging. His notes will probably make the script more marketable since he knows what the studios want... he's produced major films like "Starksy & Hutch", etc.

NYC is beautiful this time of year. It's 50 degrees today, sunny and crisp. A perfect fall day. I plan to spend most of it at the Apple Store in SoHo learning Final Cut Pro and other editing programs. I edit for a living ( a writer has to eat!) and I want to keep up with the latest technology... going to the Apple store also gives me an excuse to play with all their latest toys (IPod Nana, IPOD Video, ITunes, etc.)

I have a crime script out with a studio and hope to hear from them soon. Not overly optimistic because I did online research on the company and it seems they're inundated with cop scripts. Oh well. Worth a try.

Meanwhile, working on another script outline. My agent says to keep keepin' on... just keep writing and let her worry about the marketing of the material. I like that idea.


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Mona said...

Hey Janet, it's your favorite PA!!
Uhh, as I told Carolina, if you're starting this blog thing, make sure to enable the word verification thing on your template so you don't get these ridiculous comments/spam on your site. I can't wait to keep reading about your screenwriting adventures. Keep it up! My brother and I have always wanted to write (him a screenplay me I think a book) and I'm going to show him your site.

Warren said...

Hey Janet,

Looks like we're both using "The Screenwriting Life" blog title.

Mine's at:

I don't know if that's going to confuse people or not. Thoughts?

Either way, welcome to the blogsphere.


Mona said...

Janet, you did it-NICE! I think it's already made a difference. See you tomorrow, cuttin right now with your buddy CC. She says hi!