Thursday, June 26, 2008


I've been sending out lots of queries on scripts to agents and producers. Several good responses and scripts are in the mail. I have received a few replies from producers who also make an income from reading and evaluating scripts. I've used a couple of services in the past and have found them helpful in getting a solid read on the script, but in these tough economic times (always one for struggling writers), it's hard to dish out $350 for a script evaluation.

So my question -- how many of you have used these services and have they paid off?

I'd be curious to hear your experience.

Sunday, June 22, 2008


As the song says, back of my neck dirty and gritty...

Well, it's not that bad here these days. The heat wave lifted a few weeks ago and it's more pleasant in NYC. It's officially summer. Yippee. Break out the ice cooler and beach blankets!

I'm in marketing mode . I sent out a trillion emails to producers, agents and companies -- I'm getting responses and sending scripts out, which is always exciting. What good is writing a script if it's going to sit on my hard drive? I have to say that literary agents who handle books are the NICEST people. They don't ignore queries to send a script -- they write back with the kindest "no thanks, I don't handle screenplay" replies. I mean the sweetest. They take time to say no and acknowledge your efforts.

We should all say to hell with Hollywood and just write books! Now I know why they say authors get respect from publishers and editors... even the agents are respectful.

I'm polishing the play. I'm polishing a script. I'm sending out PDFs of my scripts electronically to L.A. and mailing packages to L.A. -- it's like playing the lottery. Gotta be in it to win it.

Have a great summer! Don't forget the sunscreen.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sex and the Box Office

Well, it's a relief to know that "Sex and the City" is a box office hit. As a screenwriter, a woman screenwriter, we know how hard it is to get producers and studios interested in stories about women -- especially women over the age of 30. Unless it's an action piece starring Jodie Foster or Angelina Jolie (and I love those actresses and their movies), it's a struggle to convince Hollywood execs that movies about women will sell.

Carrie Bradshaw and her girlfriends proved them all wrong. Will the recent success of "Juno", "Baba Mama" and "SATC" open up more doors for movies starring women? There is an audience there. I saw "SATC" in Phoenix on its opening week and saw gaggles of women attending. I saw it in Times Square in NYC a week later (with three of my girlfriends) and the theater was packed. Sold out. Pass the Goobers.

So all you women writers, don't get discouraged if you're script is about female characters. Keep fighting. Don't quit. Write your hearts out. Tell your stories.

A movie about four terrific women living in NYC out performed all expectations in Hollywood. A $55 million dollar opening weekend. Great box office.

Now if we could only get a woman into the oval office.

A girl can dream.