Friday, July 30, 2021


Last night we went to see "The Dark Knight" at the Legion Drive-In Theater right here in the heart of Hollywood.  It was a perfect summer night for an outdoor movie.  This gem of a drive-in is located in the back parking lot of the American Legion Post 43. 

It's the first ever drive-in cinema in Hollywood. Only one of two U.S. drive-ins left that  show movies in 35mm prints.  For movie lovers, you have to check it out. The booth has DCI-compliant 4K digital projection with advanced stereo FM sound transmission.

We were greeted by a pleasant young woman at the entrance.  She took our snack order (it was part of the ticket price of $60 per car).  It's a tad costly, but that covers everyone in the car. Each person gets one soda, popcorn (free & unlimited) and a box of candy.  It's well-worth the price and especially for the experience. We loved it! 

There is a new glass enclosed projection booth. You can watch how the movie gets projected and it's a cool thing to see, especially when a reel switches from one to the other during the film presentation.

 This was an amazing movie-going experience!  The staff makes sure every aspect of your experience is pleasant and enjoyable.  

We forgot just how great Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight was starring Christian Bale as Batman and the late Heath Ledger as the Joker.  Summertime, an outdoor movie in the heart of Hollywood is hard to beat!

Great job with the projection, celluloid selection and service, Legion Drive-In Staff!  We'll be back often.

For more information about this Drive-In, visit their website at

Until next time.


The Covid-19 pandemic refuses to exit stage right.  

There is a new variant of the virus called Delta. That name reminds me of the airlines or the famous tune Delta Dawn by Helen Reddy.  

This Delta is contagious and spreading fast, namely due to human beings refusing to get vaccinated.  There are many reasons for people not wanting the vaccination -- and I hear them out -- but for me, the science, the numbers, the math are proving vaccination works, as do masks in keeping people safe.

L.A. lifted its mask mandate for indoors in June, but after the July 4th holiday and folks having much-needed family gatherings and plane trips -- the numbers for infections are on the rise.

Masks are back.

I'm again wearing one at work.

It's, quite frankly,  frustrating and infuriating.  

During this latest public health crisis, I'm working on a new full-length play that takes place during WWII in America.  I'm researching books and stories about that time in the United States, how Americans put country and service first (men, women and children) during wartime in the '40s.  Every American found a way to serve -- selling war bonds, women working in empty factories when men left for war,  children selling items to raise money for the soldiers.

What happened to that collective, self-sacrificing American spirit?  Doing your best for others? Why, in this current American culture, is patriotism a word we don't recognize anymore.

There is a deep-seated anger in our country. It's worrisome.  Even a national crisis like this horrific pandemic can't bring Americans together. Even the summer Olympics can't do it. Americans are now bickering about Simone Biles.

On to a lighter note, movie theaters are reopening across LA.  I hope to return to the New Beverly -- Quentin Tarantino's theater.  It's a great, small, well-run movie theater.

I haven't ventured to the commercial movie theaters just yet and probably won't any time soon. I watch same day releases on HBO Max (Warners) and Disney+.  I invested in a new sofa and a bigger Smart TV. Home viewing or streaming isn't going away.

There is a debate about studios distributing new releases in theaters and on streaming on the same day.  Artists and distributors are upset that they're losing major box office money with this new business model, as are producers -- but the bottom line is the public isn't ready to embrace the movie-going experience in public spaces yet. 

Not until Covid-19 and its variant Delta disappears. 

So, what can we each do to make that happen sooner?  What's our wartime effort against this sickness?

What can we EACH do to improve the well-being of our coworkers, churches, theaters, restaurants, stores and schools?  For our children, grandchildren and grandparents?

For me, it was getting fully vaccinated.  It's the science.

Stay safe and enjoy summer 2021.