Saturday, November 22, 2008


I've really stretched my writing muscles this year. I wrote my first play and now find myself writing for broadcast news.

It's way different than the newswriting I did in college. I wrote for my college newspaper at Marist College which was fun. I remember running across campus to get my hands on the college newspaper that featured an article I wrote about comedian Rodney Dangerfield. It was the talk of the campus for about... five minutes... but I'll never remember the excitement of seeing my words published with a cool by-line.

It's important for us writers to keep writing no matter the format or style. My first love is writing screenplays, but I find it exciting to try new avenues of expression. It's a challenge to take an AP wire story and come up with a succinct punchy headline. And we thought loglines were hard!

So keep writing your screenplay, but don't be afraid to try your creativity at poetry, theater, or writing a short story. The most crucial thing is to learn how to tell a great story no matter the audience or the project.

Happy Thanksgiving!