Wednesday, August 05, 2009


It's never too late in my book to plan for the Oscars and next year's 82nd Academy Awards is worth noting.

First, it will take place in March instead of February. The reason? The Winter Olympics will be broadcast in February and would split the audience, so dates were changed, which is great. I liked when the Oscars used to air in March to spread out the award season.

Second, in 2010 the Academy of Arts and Sciences will nominate TEN best pictures instead of the usual five. Are there ten best picture out there? Hmmm... some years it seems like slim pickens and other years an abundance of outstanding work. So far for 2009...? The last time the Oscars had ten movies nominated for Best Picture was in 1943. The winner?

So mark your calendars for March 7, 2010 and why not throw an Oscar party while you're at it. Do you like to watch the Oscars alone or with a bunch of people? I prefer to watch them with very few people only because I'm really into the show, as you can imagine. I saw it once at a gala in Manhattan but it was too noisy, with people talking, mingling, fighting over a seat in the theater, etc... it was also fun to get dressed up and watch it with a rowdy crowd... but it's too distracting to watch with others. In my house, The Oscars is an event night with lots of food and snacks -- with us planted in front of the TV in comfy clothes watching the Barbara Walters' Special, then the campy Red Carpet Show and finally the big ceremony.

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