Friday, August 07, 2009


This has been a tough week with losing writer/director John Hughes and screenwriter/teacher Blake Snyder. Both men who died too young and contributed a lot through their individual passion, love and work in the movies.

John Hughes' movies defined a generation and had a distinct appeal to moviegoers of a certain age. He made a huge impact and then just seemed to leave the scene and the business. Maybe he had nothing else to say, or prove, or he just decided to do something else with his life. His movies will live on and I'm sure this week alone many people are renting all those great teen movies that spoke to them not so long ago.

Enjoy your favorite John Hughes movies and take this day to really enjoy your own life -- too laugh, tell someone you love them, or just appreciate what it is you have at this moment.

In that spirit, I'm taking a little vacation for a week. Until I return --

Write and live on.

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