Thursday, September 03, 2009


In a follow up to my last post about Steven Pressfield's terrific book "The War of Art", he writes about artists being open to a nudge from our muse or angels or some divine, subconscious inspiration that might whisper something to us in the creation process.

Do you believe in a muse of sorts in your process of creating?  Do you lose yourself in a trance-like state when you're writing?  When you've had an incredible writing session -- do you feel absolutely drained -- as if you weren't present when writing, but somewhere else for that time?

In his book, Pressfield quotes William Blake's "Eternity is in love with the creations of time."  Wow, I love this.  Does eternity care about what we're writing?

Paul McCartney says that he "woke up one morning with the tune in my head."  That tune turned out to be "Yesterday".  Where did that tune originate?  Was it a gift to us through another creative source?

This is deep stuff, I know, but I wonder.

Have you ever experienced divine intervention when writing?  Do you believe something untapped comes from a higher energy when you're writing or dreaming?  Or do you feel alone and on your own to pound out that next bad draft or masterpiece?

I've heard countless musicians, writers and painters say they awoke from a dream and had the beginnings of what later became an iconic song, book or painting.

What are your thoughts about your muse?  

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Jeff Wills said...

I believe in the Muse. It does seem a condition or spiritual awareness of some kind. In my case, once it comes over me, I've got to start writing immediately before it goes away. I've found voice recorders help alot if your not near a computer or paper, especially while your driving. I think I actually feel it the most while driving home alone in the car. Very good music seems to bring it on for me. Mostly movie theme music live Gladiator or Braveheart of Titantic or something like that.

Unknown said...

I feel like I'm channeling the story from another place or dimension. Whether you think of it as spirtual or not, It's somewhere in myself. I seem to have unlocked it somehow. If that even makes sense?...

Saw you posted at Bransfords Blog. I'm glad you're enjoying the place!