Saturday, July 11, 2009


I'm averaging around three hours per day to write. That's not a lot when you think about it, but it's becoming more routine, which is great. Sometimes, on a good day, I'll write for four hours, then spend the other time revising or reading about writing to keep motivated. The important thing is to keep at it. If we take too long of a break, we get rusty.

There are some great books out there by the masters about writing and the tricks of the trade. I particularly recommend Stephen King's book "On Writing". It's an excellent read and he gives great insights into style and the basics of getting it done. Also worth checking out (from the library if you don't want to spend money on books) is Norman Mailer's "The Spooky Art". He tells all about his early days of writing and the skills and determination the art takes.

Hope you're enjoying July.
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Unknown said...

I write full time, four or five hours a day on average but force myself to take Sunday off. Is it really work when you do what you love?

I focus on screenplays these days for two reasons, a) I've had two optioned and b) they are only 90 to 120 pages long. This means they are faster to write than a 200 plus page novel.

Once I finish the screenplay and edit it/rewrite it a few times, I copy it and paste it into a word processing file and add detail until I have over 200 pages and a completed novel. Then I have diversified one piece of material into two separate markets giving me a better chance at selling both versions.

If my material warrants a comic version, I have also written in that script format and sold into that market as well.

I recommend any book by Linda Segar but my favorite of hers is 'How to Make a Good Script Great!'
Check out my website for insight into entertainment licensing and branding.

Sandford Tuey

Janet Lawler said...

Hi Sanford, thanks for your comments. It sounds like you're quite productive and innovative. The fact that you try to write across media platforms is a great idea -- testing all the waters with your script/story.

Good luck and keep me posted.