Friday, July 31, 2009


I'm working on a project from scratch and have hit a bit of a lull in energy. I'm right at the beginning of the Third Act and know exactly where I'm headed, but I took a few days to focus on some non-writing work and lost my momentum.

So I have to get back on Monday. I'll have one full week to get cracking before a week's vacation. I'm tempted to bring my laptop along to write, but won't... sometimes it's healthier to unplug and daydream about my characters, dialogue, scenes... so that when I do return I'll be eager to sit down and finish this first draft.

Then comes the rewrites... and polishing... and eventually the marketing.

BUT, as a little distraction today I revisited a screenplay I wrote two years ago. It's a crime thriller. It's a rough draft but is actually better than I thought. It's workable and the characters are solid. So, after I'm done with my summer project, it's back to work on the crime thriller. Cop stories have big appeal and I find them exciting to write because of their fast pace.

Meryl Streep is getting great press about "Julie/Julia" and the buzz on the movie. That woman is great in anything, but lately she's raking in big dough at the box-office with "The Devil Wears Prada","Mamma Mia" and "Doubt". She's just so likable a person (Did you catch her on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien?) and she consistently chooses appealing projects to attach herself to. Whomever her agent is should get a raise. Miss Streep, who just turned 60, is a testament to fine work still coming out of Hollywood.

I hope she and Nora Ephron hit this one out of the park next month. Here is a clip from YouTube of the B-roll from "Julie/Julia" (BTW, the fruit stand shots at the end and the roof shots with Manhattan in the background were shot in my neighborhood right here in Astoria last year).

Enjoy your weekend!

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