Thursday, July 30, 2009


What screenwriting program do you use?

I use an old Final Draft 6 version that works just fine for what I do. Once I start writing a script, I try not to get too distracted with using all the bells and whistles on my Final Draft program (except for spellcheck, is that a whistle or a bell?).

I think we can get too distracted with some of the gadgets and new things some of these screenwriting software programs offer. I know writers who still bang out their scripts using Word and do just fine. Whatever gets your script done is the most important aspect (which is you, of course, the writer).

Do you have a favorite writing place? A desk? A coffee shop? I sometimes write on my laptop at the kitchen table or at my desk. One of my favorite places to write is at a college library in Union Square. It's a reading room so it's quiet and I usually get a lot of work done there. Writing can be lonesome -- so it's nice to get out and see other people. There are places here in NYC that provide a social, yet private work space for writers.

Do you work better alone or surrounded by others? I like to mix it up.

So, speaking of programs and technology, I'm off today to check out about buying a new Mac. My desktop PC is on its last leg. I have a Mac laptop and I like Apple a lot, so I'm biting the bullet and buying a desktop for video editing and writing. It will be cool to have a new computer (toy) to work on... all the bells and whistles galore... just wish I could find a software program that would write my darn script for me!

Until next time.

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