Friday, July 04, 2008


Let the fireworks begin!

I love summertime. So far it's been a great summer. Taking two big vacations -- already took one out west to Las Vegas and Arizona -- and next week on a cruise along the eastern seaboard up to Canada (Nova Scotia). This will be a summer of writing, fitness, eating well (love all the fresh fruit & veggie markets here in Astoria, NY), drinking good wine, and seeing family and friends. That's what summer is all about. I hope you have a great one too!

On a writing note, I sent out four screenplays this week to various producers in L.A. -- it's feast or famine. Either nobody responds or too many do at once. What if more than one producer likes it? We should have those problems, right?

There's an old adage that says "The more I practice the luckier I get." That's what you have to do with writing -- write, write, write -- practice, practice, practice. It gets easier and your confidence builds -- like with any activity really. Tiger Woods is the last guy to go home at the driving range even with all his success.

So keep writing, people. Keep your eye on the ball, head down and get to work. It pays off in one way or another. You'll have a finished screenplay by autumn.

Enjoy your BBQ, pools and beer too!


petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Hi Janet, And a Happy 4th to you as well! You sound exuberant; your upcoming vacation probably contributing. But your writing accomplishments, by sending them out into the universe, are major. I know. It be more challenging than the writing itself! Have you ever tried getting a list of agents from the Writers Guild East in Manhattan? How I found my agent. The best to you Janet, and would love to continue to exchange. Have a wonderful vacation. Petra p.s. My ex and I first lived in Astoria. It's been years since there, but have heard it has become an arts haven. True? Makes a wonderful support network. Again, bon voyage, Janet.

Janet Lawler said...

Hi Petra

Yes, Astoria has changed over the last few years. Lots of working professionals and art lovers. It's a great place and so close to Manhattan.

I've had a few agents but found that I was often more proactive on my own -- that's how I got my two options. But I haven't given up hope and I'm just getting around to contacting the list again this summer or fall.

Let's keep in touch for sure. It's always inspiring to know other writers and to learn about their creative journey. Have a great weekend!