Thursday, June 26, 2008


I've been sending out lots of queries on scripts to agents and producers. Several good responses and scripts are in the mail. I have received a few replies from producers who also make an income from reading and evaluating scripts. I've used a couple of services in the past and have found them helpful in getting a solid read on the script, but in these tough economic times (always one for struggling writers), it's hard to dish out $350 for a script evaluation.

So my question -- how many of you have used these services and have they paid off?

I'd be curious to hear your experience.


petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Hello Janet, Found you on Mona's Apple. Am a screenwriter myself, and have never used a service. When I started out, many of my colleagues and/or classmates would get together and critique each other's work. Not saying that using a service may not pay off; you'll get some interesting advice, am sure. But if you've studied enough screenplays and films, amazing how much of that filters into the brain and comes out onto the page. Have taken screenwriting at The New School where the professors were wonderful. One piece of advice that I will never forget is
"perserverence." Once you give up, that's it. But it is tedious to continuously send out queries or a script just to have it returned because it was unsolicited. It goes for most writing genres. I found an agent, and even with an agent, it is difficult. So keep plugging away and do what you're doing. Don't stop! I wish you the very best in your endeavors, Janet. p.s. May I add you to my blog list as a reminder that you're there; perhaps to talk shop? I really learned much from your blog.

Janet Lawler said...

Petra, thanks for your kind words of support. Perserverence is key as you said in your post. I've never given up hope, but have had days of discouragement like all writers -- and then comes a phone call, an email, a letter, some message from "the universe" saying hold on and keep writing. I also found that writing for the moment, and not just the end result, helps as well. Enjoy the words in front of you -- like the people we meet every day. Thanks for visiting here. Hope you'll return from time to time. PS. Love your blog, photos and poetry!