Wednesday, July 23, 2008


The cruise was beyond awesome!

Nothing like dining in the evening, looking out the restaurant window beside you and seeing WAVES. And moon beams dancing on the ocean after midnight from your stateroom window... magical in so many ways, the vastness that exists every day that we miss or don't notice or never experience, but being at sea for seven days gives one a different perspective indeed.

Back to reality -- sent out many emails yesterday to producers in L.A. to keep fanning the flames. Plan to meet with a potential agent this week or next.

Went to see an amazing documentary yesterday called "Man on a Wire". It opens in NY this weekend and nationwide soon. Go see it if you can. It's about Philippe Petit, the famous wire walker, who walked between the two Twin Towers at the World Trade Center in 1974. The film never addresses 9/11 but as we see the towers being erected, the new steel being hoisted up, our hearts sink as we know the final, unspoken outcome. This original footage is a gift.

I just finished reading a book I purchased while on vacation. Oddly, Debra Winger, the actress and now author of "Undiscovered" (an insightful and strangely comforting book) mentioned Philippe Petit in one of her closing chapters. She tells of becoming obsessed with his free spirit, skill and adventurous nature. After seeing "Man on a Wire", I understand how she became obsessed with such a rare, inspiring character.

While in Canada, my friend Mark gave me a terrific book on screenwriting. Don't books mean more to you when given to you by someone, especially a friend? It's called "Screenwriters' Master Class" by Kevin Conroy Scott. Screenwriters discuss, through interviews, their movies/scripts in fine detail. Great read!

I'm still getting a vague wave of motion now and then, even being off the ship for three days. The sea seems to want to hold on to me.

The feeling is mutual.


petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Welcome back, Janet! Am so happy you had a wonderful time. Am yearning to visit Cape May with a friend soon. And about the book, I've just jotted the name down. Janet, I have such a wish list of reading material. Perhaps if you can let me know what you think before I purchase it. You must have quite the library of screenplays and screenwriting books as I do. Good luck in your meeting with the agent. Hope it's successful! Petra

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Hi Janet! Wanted to inform you of the winners for the mini-script,
"In Love on Coffee Breaks." They
were Julette Binoche and Roberto Benigni. I hope you enjoy "Afraid of Elvis?" Petra