Sunday, June 22, 2008


As the song says, back of my neck dirty and gritty...

Well, it's not that bad here these days. The heat wave lifted a few weeks ago and it's more pleasant in NYC. It's officially summer. Yippee. Break out the ice cooler and beach blankets!

I'm in marketing mode . I sent out a trillion emails to producers, agents and companies -- I'm getting responses and sending scripts out, which is always exciting. What good is writing a script if it's going to sit on my hard drive? I have to say that literary agents who handle books are the NICEST people. They don't ignore queries to send a script -- they write back with the kindest "no thanks, I don't handle screenplay" replies. I mean the sweetest. They take time to say no and acknowledge your efforts.

We should all say to hell with Hollywood and just write books! Now I know why they say authors get respect from publishers and editors... even the agents are respectful.

I'm polishing the play. I'm polishing a script. I'm sending out PDFs of my scripts electronically to L.A. and mailing packages to L.A. -- it's like playing the lottery. Gotta be in it to win it.

Have a great summer! Don't forget the sunscreen.

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