Friday, June 30, 2006


Over a year ago one of my scripts was optioned for $500.00 (co-written with Pete Flores).
We each got $250.00 and was excited (Pete said he'd buy a new fishing pole and I needed the cash flow since I had recently left my full-time staff job at a cable news channel in NY.) Well, the option expired. No sale, but some nibbles. Just heard from the young producer again this week. He wants to re-option the script. It's an animation script. But he doesn't want to pay for the option this time (he's well-connected in the biz) so do I or don't I? Hmm. Options. Choices.
Dilemmas. Looks like Pete won't be able to buy any more fishing gear and it's a good thing I have a steady job again.

Isn't the Barbara Walters/Star Jones battle crazy? 9 years of a professional relationship over. Sad. Never cared much for Star but I have to say I like the way she's handling herself these past few days. I've long respected and admired Barbara Walters but I'm disappointed in how she's handled matters. One day she's giving Star a standing ovation and then BOOM she's off the show. I'd of respected her more if Miss Walters addressed the "betrayal" at the moment it happened. Oh well, it's TV. It's business. I have to admit I'm looking forward to Rosie joining "The View" in September. It won't be dull and will be worth TiVo-ing.
Speaking of Rosie, she's got a great website (blog) which has links to benefit kids. Check it out.


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Anonymous said...

he can't even come up with the same lousy $500 to re-option something he should have gotten off his butt and got into development by now? Forget it... since he is interested it proves someone else will be to, just shop it around harder