Saturday, July 08, 2006


So my writing partner and I haven't signed the option agreement yet. The producer wants the option for a year with no financial terms attached (meaning for free). It's a dilemma because he's a new producer (young) but he works for one of the biggest entertainment agencies in L.A. He can literally walk the animation script around to offices for us. So, although we could use the cash flow, we may sign the agreement to let him shop it for free. I've made a total of $3,000 on options over the years. I'm told some writers get nothing.

I've reworked my sports script and will begin getting that out again soon. I made Act III much stronger. It seems like there is a new sports movie coming out every few months, along with animation films.

I'll keep you posted on the option once we sign on the dotted line.

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Silly Monkey said...

Just a little curious on your animated screen play. What type of animation is it aimed towards 2d or 3d? Also, you say you have 6 scripts written, what type of genre do you tend to lean more towards. I only ask, becasuse I have done a little writing on the side. I don't tell too many people about it, because some people think it's silly. I wish you and your partner much success in your careers. God Bless.