Thursday, June 01, 2006


It's not officially summer yet, but it sure feels like it. It's humid and hot today. Just took my dog for a long walk (with her water bottle) and she's now pooped out in front of the A/C. I don't blame her.

I'm working on a new script and it's coming along well. I've been writing at a PC desktop for years. Just bought a Mac laptop and it's weird to be able to write in every room, sitting, reclining, outdoors in public. The laptop gets warm (a normal occurance Apple says) so last night I was writing on the sofa with the laptop sitting on my lap... and wondered why I was so hot. The laptop was throwing off heat or maybe it was my scene? lol.

Heading to the gym and then to some place to write today. Might wind up at the library on W. 4ndStreet in Manhattan at the Reading Room. It's one of my favorite places to read or write.
They better have air conditioning.

Keep cool and write on.

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Anna said...

Your blog's really interesting. I wish it was summery here too! I've set up a website with tips and events, etc and was hoping you could offer any advice or ideas for us would-be writers in Scotland.

All the best :)