Saturday, December 10, 2005


My agent emailed me the other day that one of my cop scripts was liked by a particular cable channel in LA. It's a buddy cop/crime drama. The producers, say says, aren't interested in buying the script but liked my writing style. It seems the channel is developing its own crime drama and in February will put together a staff. She said I might get the chance to come out to sunny California to meet the producers. She said "it's better than a kick in the head", which is her way of saying getting rejected flat out. I agree.

Normally news like this would have me doing cartwheels... but I know this business and a lot of false, well-meant promises are made every day -- deals fall through, producers leave companies, scripts get abandoned, writers get dropped like hot potatoes. So, I'm being realistic about the whole thing. If it happens, and they're willing to pay for me to come out to L.A. to meet, I will do cartwheels. But for now... it's just talk... which is better than a kick in the head.

My friend Patrick invited me to a SAG screening of "Brokeback Mountain" and it was excellent. After the movie was shown, the cast Heath Ledge, Michelle Williams and Anne Hathaway and director Ang Lee gave a Q&A. It was amazing! Now my friend Patrick is Chinese and very subtle about everything. I thought we were just going to see a free movie... while we're eating Mexican before the screening, he informs me that Ang Lee and the cast will be there too! I nearly choked on my taco. I'm a big fan of Ang Lee's work (except for The Hulk which I didn't see). He gives a story a chance to unfold and uses beautiful images. With "Brokeback Mountain" he does the same. The story is solid, the characters tragic, and the acting great. To just label this movie "a gay cowboy movie" is a disservice. It's a powerful story about people realizing what they have and not having the courage to embrace it until it's too late.

Christmas is approaching. We had a beautiful snow fall in New York yesterday. The city never looked better. I better get to shopping.


Mona said...

Janet how are you ? I miss you. You haven't been around lately. I'm so glad you saw Brokeback and are sticking up for it. I am dying to see it and am sick of all the badmouthing. And you got to see the cast?!!? THat is incredible. Heath Ledger and Jake are my 2 young favorites-holy cRAP!!!!
So exciting about the script and maybe being able to write for the show, but I hear you, don't want to get yourself too excited and then get crushed.
I've been applying to jobs left and right , trying to get into the food/travel writing industry and it seems to be one slammed door after another :(

Iain said...

Do some cartwheels. Why not? Seems like you have a good few days. Maybe just little cartwheels. In a well cushioned environment.

Mona said...

OHMYGOD JANET..I'm in love with King Kong. You have got to see this movie...some of the effects in the jungle were a little overdone, yes it was a little long, but I fell in love with the great big ape..seriously!