Thursday, December 01, 2005

Hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving!

It doesn't seem like December already but it is. A friend just emailed me about a pre-Christmas lunch, so soon the craziness begins with shopping (yes, I'm a procrastinator), visiting with family and friends who come to NYC, and then planning for Christmas and New Year's. My best day is always January 2 when it's all over! I do enjoy the holidays, but you have to admit life gets a little out of control from Nov. 20-Jan 2nd.

I haven't posted lately because there isn't much to post. I'm working on my scripts, but haven't heard much from my agent of late (and don't even ask about the A-list producer dude). It's like the quiet before the storm. I get anxious because I like to be proactive and feel I'm moving forward, and I have in many ways this past year, but as writers we have to depend on others to keep the pace and that's frustrating.

I recently read "Conversations with Anne Rice" which was published over ten years ago. It was so enlightening about the writing process, whether it's screenwriting or fiction. She explained how for years she'd send in her manuscripts to her publisher (this was post her "Interview with a Vampire" success!) and some copy editor would revise and rewrite her work! Write all over the page and change Anne Rice's tone, style and complete thoughts! It made her nuts to the point where she sent the marked up script back once and said "Remove everything that I didn't write!". You go, Anne! Now they don't dare rewrite her. They may suggest, but they can't scribble all over her pages.

Anyway, it just goes to show that with writing you are always being judged, critiqued or rewritten whether it's a book or a movie script. It's all part of the writing game.

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