Saturday, December 31, 2005


Christmas is only a week past but I'm still figuring out how to use my new iPod Nano. A guy named Jason at Apple helped over the phone after I spent three hours downloading songs and podcasts only to see an icon of a File Folder and an exclamation point through the LCD screen!
Anyway, the trick is you have to "eject" your iPod before unplugging it from the computer... learn something new everyday.

There's a great website for reading free scripts. "Syrianna" by Stephan Geghan is available so check it out, along with many classic scripts.

I've been writing... finished my romantic comedy called "Olive Juice". Plan to have a friend read it through with a red pencil for corrections/suggestions and then do one more polish. It should land on my agent's desk by late January. I took a break from the priest crime script... it's heavy... and the holidays didn't help. I plan to tackle that script and another in '06! AND... if I ever get those damn notes on the sports script... I'll rewrite that too.

I'm doing freelance editing work to survive at NBC. It floors me every time I walk into the 30 Rock building -- it's atmosphere and broadcast history.

Hope to see the ball drop tonight in Times Square... this will be my third year in a row if I can get by the police barricades... it's awesome to stand on W. 45th Street and witness the celebration of a new year! When the ball drops and the confetti flies and you hear that music blasted through the speakers... and New Yorkers are crying, hugging, kissing... cops hugging their spouses and kids... you can't help but get choked up.

New York City is one helluva place to be for any holiday.

Cheers & Happy 2006!

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