Thursday, November 17, 2005

What no wife/husband of a writer can ever understand is that a writer is working when he or she is staring out of the window".
Burton Rascoe

Okay, let me start by saying NO, I haven't gotten the A-list producer's notes yet. 3 months and waiting... but my agent says it's worth the wait... as I said to my friend Barbara recently via email "Is he chiseling them on stone? What's taking so damn long?" BUT, he's an A-list producer with many projects... and I'm low on the food chain. I'm like a kid on Christmas morning... anxiously waiting!

Madonna's new CD "Confessions on a Dance Floor" is amazing! Madonna is back! Yippee! Ms. Ritchie, please stick to music/dance, not acting -- this CD is great for working out or just getting you motivated (to write maybe). Highly recommend it! Madonna still has it. Not bad for 47 years old, huh? Watch this one to rise up the charts like a rocket.

On that note, strike a pose!

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Mona said...

Seriously? I would not have guessed you were a Madonna fan-that's great! I've always loved her, now I'm inspired to save a few bucks and buy the CD, as I'm apple/mp3 impaired :)