Saturday, November 05, 2005


"Writing -- is the art of applying the seat of the pants to the seat of the chair."
Mary Heaton Vorse

So I contacted my agent about not receiving "the notes" yet from the A-list producer.
I was gentle about it implying maybe he's too busy and we "should move on". She replied by email to tell me basically to chill out and shut up. Not that harsh, of course, but her take: his notes are FREE -- and in the screenwriting market worth a LOT of money (some consultants charge thousands to give you notes on a script). Right there she said the wait is worth it. Then she proceeded to say once I apply those notes into the script and he carries THAT script into a major Hollywood talent agency -- THAT big agency has clients under contract that need projects -- and they will trust A-list producer to supply that work for their A-list star, director, studio, etc. She said forget TV -- we're going for the gold with this one. Feature film it is.

I said what about the holiday lull fast approaching? Things are going to slow down soon. Life is passing us by. Agent says "Fuck the lull. '06 here we come!"

That gave me a much needed laugh and a kick in the pants. My agent is terrific. She pulls no punches and tells me like it is. Remember in the Mary Tyler Moore Show in that classic scene where Lou Grant says to Mary "You got spunk, kid." And she smiles proudly. Then he growls "I hate spunk!". Funny scene. If you haven't seen the old MTM shows, rent the DVD on Netflix. MTM and her cast were brilliant and it's all set in a newsroom (which I can relate to). So bottom line, in an agent... you want spunk!

So, no more complaining! I'll keep writing my other scripts and wait for those damn notes to arrive come hell or high water.

Then the really hard work begins.

Over and out.


kmtaylor said...

Keep the faith, Janet! -karrie

Mona said...

That's pretty funny Janet! And good for you for taking it and being fine with it. I guess she's right but still, did she have to be so harsh?
I guess I should exemplify the same patience when hearing from F&W regarding the job opp.