Sunday, November 08, 2015

A Clever Tool To Help Your Story Get Unstuck
by Janet J. Lawler
November 8, 2015
Writer's Card Game from John August
John August is a prolific screenwriter and blogger.  He's written hit movies like Charlie's Angels, Big Fish and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  He co-hosts the very popular geeky screenwriter podcast ScriptNotes.

I love Scriptnotes and listen weekly (while walking my dog around San Diego).  It's an awesome podcast for screenwriters on the look out for cool new things, advice, insider tips and interesting chatter between John and his co-host Craig Mazin.

That's why the playing cards WRITER EMERGENCY PACK caught my eye.  John August created this deck of writing cards.  It's a cool idea for writers who might find themselves stuck writing their latest story.  Need some quick brainstorming games?  Pick a card, any card, and consider your hero in a new situation -- or location -- or facing a new dilemma.  There are 26 cards to help jump start your scenes.

The cards are glossy with tons of fresh ideas and suggested creative writing exercises. 

Now, if you're the type of person who hates to do writing exercises at the end of a book or chapter, then this deck of cards is not for you.  Don't waste your money.

BUT, if you're the type of writer who likes challenges and games to help flex your creative writing muscles, then the Writer Emergency Pack is worth the $19.  Here is the link to buy it

Want to save a little money?

Readers of The NY Screenwriting Life can also get a special 10% discount off the purchase of the cards.  Use code NYSWLIFE until the end of 2015 and save.  Go to John August's website for purchase

The Writer Emergency Pack is a fun, helpful tool, but you'll still have to sit down and do the hard work of writing.  Pick a card and get busy!

Until next time.

Janet Lawler is an author, playwright and screenwriter. Her screenplay The Tenant advanced to the Quarter Final Round in the 2015 Nicholl Fellowship for Screenwriting and the semifinals of the 2015 Austin Film Festival. Janet's debut novel From the Ground Up is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Kindle.    Visit Janet's website at   Follow Janet on Twitter @JJLawler and the NY Screenwriting Life on Facebook.

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