Thursday, November 26, 2015


Wishing all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving!

This is my first Thanksgiving in California and we're loving it.  We started the day by going to Coronado Island here in San Diego for a leisurely walk on the beach with our dog.
Thanksgiving 2015
It was heaven!   Dogs running and playing in the ocean and families gathered for the holiday.

It wasn't exactly exercise, but we did get in a stroll of about two miles.  That should allow a second serving of mashed potatoes and sweet potatoes without too much guilt.

Over the summer, I started my new screenplay tentatively titled ABSOLUTION.  I did about four passes on it so far and it's in pretty good shape... but still needs work.

I'm giving it to my three trusted reader friends -- and will see how they react to the story and characters.  Accept their fearless feedback and then sit down for another draft.

This time of year my motivation wanes big time.  I burst out of the gates in January after the holiday slowdown and go full steam until... around now, when the next holiday season returns.  Nobody much reads scripts this time of year anyway.  So it's a good time to study, brainstorm and gear up for the new year ahead.

I'll also read produced scripts, catch up on Oscar-buzz movies and watch great TV... but today, I'm enjoying turkey leftovers and football on TV.
Enjoy your Thanksgiving!  For those followers outside of the USA, enjoy your day and let's share an abundance of gratitude together to make the world more harmonious in 2016.


Until next time.

Janet Lawler is an author, playwright and screenwriter. Her screenplay The Tenant advanced to the Quarter Final Round in the 2015 Nicholl Fellowship for Screenwriting and the semifinals of the 2015 Austin Film Festival. 

Janet's debut novel From the Ground Up is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Kindle.    Visit Janet's website at   Follow Janet on Twitter @JJLawler and the NY Screenwriting Life on Facebook.

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