Saturday, April 24, 2010


I've been a big fan of New York filmmaker Edward Burns going way back to his "The Brothers McMullen" and "She's the One".  I've always liked his style of writing and directing (making small, personal films with complicated characters).  Today I went to see a press screening for his new movie "Nice Guy Johnny".  It's one of his better movies... it's about a young man who is about to turn 25 and gets an ultimatum from his fiance' -- either he get a real job with at least a $50,000 income or she might call off the wedding.  Johnny Rizzo, the main character, is a sports DJ who hosts his own radio show on the overnight shift in Oakland, California... he makes very little money at it, but loves his work.  The film asks the question: when is it the right time to give up on your dream or should you ever?

If you're reading this blog, chances are you have an artistic side.  Do you write screenplays, books, or make movies?  Maybe you're an aspiring actor or producer or director or...?  You get my point.  In this world, we're told we're not "making it" unless we're bringing in a big income and being validated for our efforts.  It's cool to play in a band when you're 21... not so cool when you're 39 with little prospects for that hit song or income to help mortgage a house.  "Nice Guy Johnny" shows us a young man who has to make a choice -- please his fiance' or please himself.  Which would you choose?

Right after the screening, I attended the red carpet event for Burns' wife's new documentary "No Woman, No Cry" (it's also playing at the Tribeca Film Festival.  Of course, Christy Turlington Burns was there to promote the film with the New York media... but the nice surprise was her hubby Edward Burns also showed up.  He escorted her to the red carpet, took a few pictures for the media and then stepped aside to let her shine.  She did. 

He looked proud of his wife and took a picture of her with his iPhone.  Cool guy (and very good-looking in person).  He says of all he's done -- writing, directing and acting -- he considers himself a writer first.  Love him.

And to top off the day -- if all the above wasn't enough for me on a gorgeous Saturday in Manhattan -- Bono and The Edge from U2 came to show their support for Ms. Turlington.  It was like an Irish love fest -- below are some pictures that I took.  Hope you enjoy them!

Until next time.

Janet Lawler

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