Wednesday, April 07, 2010


I'm about to tackle writing a new screenplay and need to figure out where I plan to do it.

This is no easy decision -- the script will take months and months to finish.  Don't even mention the rewriting stage.  So, where will I be most inspired to write it?

The weather is gorgeous now in New York City (with tulips out and birds singing) and, honestly, I don't want to be cooped up in my apartment when I have the greatest city in the world right outside my door.  Sometimes my work desk feels like a ball and chain.

Do I need to be tied down to it this summer or should I try writing in public? I've tried that before and usually find it too distracting.  It's so easy to freak watch, or consume too many lattes or eavesdrop on the couple fighting at the next table in the coffee shop.  I've tried writing at NY libraries (not bad) and at Starbucks (no thanks).

Where do you write?  Are you the traditional sit-at-the-desk writer or a laptop-totting freebird?  I'm a little of both, which is the problem here.  My usual writing space is my desk right in the living.  (I've posted a picture of it above.)  It's a sunny, usually quiet spot.

Last summer I wrote my first novel at the kitchen table.  I wrote 36 chapters on my Mac laptop.  It was hard work, but I got it done.  Our kitchen is wonderfully sunny with not much of view except for neighbors' fire escapes.  While writing my book, I found gazing at our windowsill plants inspiring and a breath of fresh air.  We're currently growing beans and basil in that window.

These days I'm working on the third draft of the book and have returned to rewriting at my old desk.  (It was too drafty in the kitchen during the frigid winter months.) 

Okay, so, my new project is soon underway --  I guess the location isn't as important as getting my page count in and showing up to write every day.  

Happy April, everyone!

Until next time.

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