Friday, May 08, 2009


Wow. It's over. The play went up on May 6th for one night in the Festival. It was so much fun I cannot begin to tell you -- from the first rehearsal to seeing family and friends take their seats just before show time. The theatre is so exciting -- intimidate and immediate. I got the bug for sure.

My play didn't make it to the Finals. There was another play called "Feeding Time in the Human House" which won for the night (out of 5 plays). It was very clever about baboons in the zoo (mates) discussing human behavior while the male baboon threw poop at the audience. How could I compete with flying poop and the female monkey putting her butt up in the air?? lol. It was a great play and hats off to it.

The actors in my play 'NetFits" were Brian Hoffman and Liz Maurer. They worked so hard and were so well received by the audience. They gave it their all. The director Ken Kaissar was a pleasure to work with and so energetic and creative. I hope to work with this trio again.

Last night I saw HAIR on Broadway. My partner bought the tickets for my birthday celebration. The musical is wonderful! All those great songs like "Age of Aquarius" and "Let the Sunshine In". The ending of the play (WARNING -- SPOILER) is so moving with the dead soldier laying on the American flag with the snow falling from the rafters on him. Not a dry eye in the house!

The actors invite the audience on stage at the end to sing "Let the Sunshine In". We did and it was so cool to be center stage on Broadway singing to a New York audience from the top of our lungs. Amazing birthday moment. Amazing life moment. Amazing New York moment.

Go see more theatre if you can afford to... it's magical.

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