Monday, March 09, 2009


Last night we had our first playwrights meeting at a small black box theater in the heart of Times Square on W. 46th Street. It's a historic building. The theater is on the third floor of an old Catholic Church. All wooden building. The people who run the 15th Annual 15 Minute Play Festival are delightful theater folks... happy, smiling, passionate and eager to help new artists. No wonder people get bitten by the "theater bug". It's a welcoming community.

We went over details about staging, sound cues, lighting, directing, and ticket sales. In this popular festival, tickets go fast since the house only sits about 90 people. As fate would have it, my play was chosen to go up on May 6th, my birthday -- so I'll have some family and friends coming -- and it's great because right next door to the theater is Rosie O'Grady's. It's a great Irish Pub... so my Irish family will be happy after the show ends and they get to raise a glass (or two) close by.

I'm already thinking of my next play. I have a germ of an idea. What's great about these short plays is that they're only 10-15 pages long... but can tell a complete story in a short span of time. And to see what I wrote on the page come to life before my eyes on the stage is going to be a blast of a lifetime!

PS -- if you're a Jane Fonda fan (like I am -- I know, I know, she was a radical in the 60's and all that Hanoi Jane stuff) but I've always loved her as an actress. She's back on Broadway now after 46 years. I'm going to see her show on St. Patrick's Day. If you like reading great blogs, go to and read her back-stage posts. They're honest, funny, and all about show biz. She's also on Twitter. And now she's joining Facebook. Jane Fonda is 71 years old. Wow.

Guess it's never too late to try new things and take new risks.


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