Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Do you know how sometimes in life you look for signs? A point in the right direction? Something ,to say, -- keep on this path or go this way?

Well, I felt yesterday like I received that sign. In my last post, I mentioned that my short play is going to be produced for Off-Off Broadway (my very first) and it's a new venture for this writer. I've always focused just on feature spec scripts. Not even TV... features. Aiming for the big dream. I've had scripts optioned, but it's been a grind.

I decided last summer to write two plays. Less than six months later, one is being produced in New York. It's such a relief after years of struggling as a screenwriter. Now, getting back to the sign... I found yesterday my play is scheduled to go on stage May 6th -- which happens to be my birthday.

How cool is that? Isn't that a great birthday gift from the gods? From my mother in heaven? From the writing angels? Somebody?

Is it just a coincidence or a sign? Now, I'm not sure I'll become a full-time playwright, but it's nice to see something I've worked on get accepted and produced without a lot of "drama". It's nice to know nobody will change the words of the play, but me, if I'm so inclined. It's wonderful to see things progress. And New York is one exciting town to do it in.

I found my director. He's onboard. We start rehearsals with the actors next month. There is a playwrights meeting (some 35 of us) next Sunday. I'll keep you posted.

Until next time. Keep looking for signs.

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