Monday, August 25, 2008


American voters should rent/watch that wonderful 1972 movie THE CANDIDATE starring Robert Redford. It gets better with age. Candidate Bill McKay. The perfect candidate.

In 2008, back in reality land, Obama picks Senator Joe Biden as his VP pick. I'm really beginning to wonder if the Dems aren't self-sabotages. I watched with disappointment as Al Gore and John Kerry bit the dust. Now Obama, a newbie, with super intelligence, picks a status quo mate -- when he could've guaranteed himself and his party a blowout WIN with Hillary Clinton by his side. Half of the Democratic Party voted for her. But Obama chose Biden. He picked a supporting player over a superstar player. Um, exactly how many presidential primary votes did Senator Joe get again? I don't remember. Do you?

Can we imagine a dynamic final scene? As the first African American president and the first female vice-president are sworn into office on a cold January day? Wow, just imagine... BUT NO... why be bold? Why go all out? Why mend fences? Why pick the best odds to win?

If like the others, Obama loses this election, he might travel on the documentary circuit instead of on Air Force One. Shouldn't the Dems be beating the Repubs in the polls considering the state of our country? Two wars? Bad economy? New Orleans and the World Trade Center site still not rebuilt?

Maybe Obama will use all of his brilliance to win an Oscar like Al.

Script note to the candidate: Obama, you can't beat McCain by playing it safe. Don't try. We want a bold hero. Think of your audience. Think of votes like box office. We want to leave the theater happy. Triumphant.

This election reminds me of a bad screenplay... starts off great... exciting... with many ups and downs... big obstacles for our heroes... major wins and losses... and then... we hit that all-important Third Act... and suddenly the plot fizzles... flat-lines... the characters become predicatable and boring... and we leave the theater scratching our heads saying "If only they did this... or did that... it would've all ended well."

Rent The Candidate, people. It truly is timeless.

Janet Lawler
Astoria, NY


petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

The passion of this election exudes in your post. I wrote a piece which is still sitting with Lives in which, among other things, I wrote about the state of political affairs. I'm at a loss, and agree wholeheartedly
about what the possibilities would have been working side by side, and truly reflecting our contry's intelligence and diversion. Not the stupidity and ruthlessness of these past 8 years. There is President Bush showing not a care in the world at the Olympics while this country is falling apart and being sold off to the highest bidders because of his callousness and sick brain.
*laughing* Yes, I'm coming up for air now. The Candidate is excellent! Perhaps it's a mini-script I should write about for my next blog, before the election. Have John Edwards, (the best actor). Janet, nothing nothing nothing surprises me anymore. Well, that rant made me hungry! Off to dinner! Hope you're having a wonderful day! Petra

petra michelle; Whose role is it anyway? said...

Being a screenwriter, Janet, would love for you to visit "Whose role," and offer your opinion. Always appreciate feedback and critique from a fellow screenwriter.