Saturday, May 03, 2008

Screen Play

I'm two scenes from finishing my first full-length play. The first draft, that is. It's very exciting to work in this new format for me. Dialogue is always my favorite part of writing scripts and writing a play gives me the freedom to write lines without worrying about screenplay format constraints.

The hardest part of writing play scenes is writing about things that perhaps HAPPEN off stage (since we can't stage every element of the story) and yet keeping it in the moment for the actors. It's a fun challenge. I plan to have a table reading of the play someday in the fall. It only has two characters so it shouldn't be too difficult to cast in NYC. If anybody knows a dynamite stage director close to NY, let me know.

Tribeca Film Festival is wrapping up here in NYC. This year I only was able to see one of the documentaries -- Madonna's "I am Because We Are" which is a very inspirational and heartwrenching look at the battle of AIDS and poverty in Malawi. It's worth seeing if you get the opportunity.

"BABY MAMA" was pretty good -- love Tina Fey & Amy Poehler -- but the story fell a little short for me. Too bad Tina Fey didn't write the script, but it does have some laughs. Amy Poehler has one of the funniest lines about what it feels like to give birth...

... it's a lot like writing a screenplay.

Happy May!

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