Friday, May 23, 2008


So I finished the play. Well, finished is not the right word. I finished the first draft.

It's 52 pages long. A page should be about a minute if performed on stage. So it's a one hour or so play. Humor. Tears. Tragedy. Life. It's written from the heart. It's working title is "On the Nod". I'm going to get some feedback on it and then do another draft or two. Then, my plan is to get two actresses in New York City (since I live in NYC, why not take advantage of the resources here?) to read the play aloud. Rewrite again after hearing it. Then submit it to theaters for readings, and God willing, a performance down the road. It's a two character play. Two sisters. Two choices that change the course of their lives.

Anybody know great actresses in NY looking to do a reading? Or a director? The hunt begins.

Happy Memorial weekend, people.

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Unknown said...

Congratulations and good luck! Sounds like a cool piece. I'd offer to read, but I live in Georgia, so... :).

~ Leah [who dabbles in screenwriting sometimes]