Monday, May 01, 2006


May is my favorite month of the year. I guess it has something to do with me being born in May. It's just a beautiful sounding month -- like April. April and May make you happy to be alive -- when everything is reborn. You can see it in the flowers, the birds, the happiness on the faces of New Yorkers (even on their way to work). No more heavy coats and sweaters -- out come the flip-flops and Tees.

So, I'm still volunteering at the Tribeca Film Festival. I saw two free films today. Documentaries. One being "The Saint of 9/11" about NYC Fire Chaplain Mikyl Judge who was killed while administering last rites to the injured on September 11th. This documentary is a must see, especially if you're Catholic. Father Mike lived the true message of Jesus -- be a tad radical, ignore the arrogance of power, and always serve the less fortunate.

The second film (documentary) I saw was "Dorothy Day". It's a terrific one hour documentary about the life of NYC activist, author and co-founder of The Catholic Worker. Ms. Day was quite radical and a pacifist who went so far as to openly not pay her federal income tax because she said a large portion of federal taxes goes to the military -- which supports violence and war. She was arrested on several occasions for civil disobedience, started hospitality homes for the poor, wrote numerous books and newspaper articles, and felt close to her faith even if she didn't always agree with the heirarchy of the Catholic Church. While leaving the film, I wondered what she would think of today's times (the war in Iraq, the poor suffering after Katrina, the class differences). Nothing has changed since her passionate heydey.

The woman, Claudia Larson, who directed, wrote and produced "Dorothy Day" had never been a filmmaker before this movie. She had a pamplet of Dorothy Day on her desk and could never seem to give it away, file it or toss it. Dorothy Day's photo haunted her and the result is a great documentary that took 14 years to finish. Check out for more info.

NYC, the month of May ahead, the Tribeca Film Festival, and possible sainthood... what more can you ask for?

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