Wednesday, April 03, 2019

with Season 3 already renewed by BBC America/AMC
By Janet J. Lawler
April 2, 2019
Los Angeles, CA
Sandra Oh and Jodi Comer KILLING EVE
I attended an early screening of the upcoming BBC America series KILLING EVE Season Two premiere episode tonight at the TV Academy in North Hollywood.

Don't worry.  No spoilers here.  If you liked the first season of KILLING EVE, you won't be disappointed with the second season.  The show continues its intense killer pace with twists, turns, cringe-worthy violence, and dark, snarky humor.  Isn't that why all tune in?  And who does snark better than Sandra Oh?

After the screening, KILLING EVE stars Sandra Oh and Jodi Comer, as well as Executive Producer Sally Underwood Gentle,  took part in a panel discussion before a packed audience of television industry professionals.
Co-stars Oh and Comer touched on their on-air chemistry and overall professional synergy in making the hit show.  Comer noting that Sandra Oh is "so zen" on set and brings dedication and focus to scenes, helping the young actress to raise her game in the process.  Oh noted how much she "trusts" working with Jodie Comer.  They said shooting the show on locations in various countries is also fun.

KILLING EVE is thrilling to watch as we root for the spy to catch the assassin or the assassin to torment the spy.  It's a delight watching these two strong, clever actors raise the bar for dramatic, action-based television.

Watch KILLING EVE season two on April 7th on AMC.

Post Update 4/8/2019:  British writer Suzanne Heathcote takes over for Emerald Fennell as the Phoebe Waller-Bridge drama is renewed for Season 3 by BBC America/AMC.

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