Thursday, July 21, 2016

by Janet J. Lawler
July 21, 2016 
I blame it on watching Crazy Ex Girlfriend!

I'm about to start writing my new spec script.  BIG idea.  Lots of mojo. 

I just need to START writing it.

But it's mid-July.  Easy, breezy, HOT summertime.  My days are jam packed with things I MUST do BEFORE I can begin writing.  Like what, you might ask?

Here's my list for today:

Check Twitter page
Check Facebook (for the third time and it's not even 10 am yet.  Does it count as checking again if you use different devices?)
Check emails
Respond to emails, even Spam
Donate to my cousin's charity event
Vacuum the house
Do that small load of laundry piling up
Prepare my tennis bag for the weekend
Wash wrist bands by hand
Watch that damn Netflix DVD (yes, we STILL watch DVDs too)
Read the one of three books I borrowed from the library
Renew library books
Walk the dog
Exercise (does walking the dog count? 2 miles, yes.)
Clean the car
Check oil and fill tires with air
Make the bed
Empty dishwasher
Decide what's for dinner
Decide where to eat out tonight
Meditate (I'm six days behind on the Oprah & Deepak 21 Day Meditation)  Sheez! I'm stressing!
Listen to the new Scriptnotes podcast  (What do you mean Stuart is quitting?  John's moving to Paris?  WHUT?!)
Go to Trader Joe's for Pita Chips
Buy margarita mix
Charge all my electronic devices (my iPad always konks out at the worst time)
Check movie listings (must see Ghostbusters to support those 4 actresses!)
Watch the last 3 episodes of Orange is the New Black
Watch Crazy Ex Girlfriend (Rachel Bloom is AWESOME!)
Catch up with Season 2 of UnReal (Constance Zimmer is AWESOME!)
Watch that new Tony Robbins documentary "I'm NOT Your Guru!" on NetFlix  
I watched it.  I feel renewed.  (Who knew Tony had such a potty mouth?)
Dust with new Swifter
Clean desk (again)
Straighten closet
Organize my shoes
Buy new shoes on Amazon Prime (Summer clearance, baby!)
Clean out the microwave (Something exploded in there.  Think it's Chicken Tikka Masala)
Order my new Audible book (another one that I will start and never FINISH!)
Watch highlights from the GOP convention (HELL to the no!  World is already too depressing)
Post a new photo on Insta
Read the NY Times online (Arts and Home Page only)
Visit the Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Deadline Hollywood websites (for research, of course)
Check my IMDBPro page (that star-meter ranking is so humbling!)
Check Facebook (again ) (can't forget a friend's birthday)
Learn new chord on my Ukulele (I learned four chords in three years, not bad!)
Read The New Yorker (haven't read an issue since April)
Organize Mac Desktop
Unclog the bathtub drain
Febreeze the house
Learn the new Running Man Challenge on YouTube (Cops sure can dance!)
Download that super hot Pokemon App (No, I'll never play it)

Whew!  Amazing what a writer can accomplish in less than 24 hours.

If I can squeeze in just one more thing today, maybe I'll start writing something.  Or maybe re-read something I've already written.  Rewriting is writing. Or read what someone ELSE has written.  Even better!   Hey, there's always August.  Summertime is precious.  I'll start next month and shorten my to-do list.

Until then, it's  margaritas and sunscreen!   Have a safe, happy summer!

 “I hate writing, I love having written.”
Dorothy Parker

Dorothy Parker

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