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Janet J. Lawler
Posted: May 2, 2015
San Diego, CA

It's that time of year when screenwriters across the globe enter their movie scripts in a plethora of writing contests. 

It's costly and time-consuming to fill out all the contest applications, but it's a chance to get your work read by industry big shots.

I just uploaded my script The Tenant to the Austin Film Festival, Scriptapalooza, Nicholls Fellowship, Sundance Screenwriting Lab, BlueCat, PAGE International, Big Break and the Writers Lab.
Meryl Streep funds writing lab for women over 40
The latter lab received mega publicity when it was announced that Meryl Streep funded the screenwriters lab for women writers over 40, to be run by New York Women in Film and Television and IRIS, a collective of women filmmakers.

How cool is THAT?!

You might recall Meryl Streep jumped out of her seat at this year's Oscars when Patricia Arquette mentioned women's equality during her Best Supporting Actress acceptance speech.  It struck a chord. Let's face it, Streep reads a lot of scripts.  She apparently sees a lack of women's narrative on the page (and screen) and is doing something about it.  Thanks, Meryl, from all the screenwriters (who just happen to be women) and want their voices heard down the cinema from The Avengers.

The official deadline for the Writers Lab is June 1, 2015 at 5PM EST.  So if you're a gal over 40, born on or before June 1, 1975 -- and you're a US citizen -- then you have a shot at this writers lab funded by Streep in NY.

You'll also need to have your script registered with the WGA , format your script as a PDF file and pony up the application fee ($25 for NYWIFT members and $55 for non-members). The Lab will take place September 18-20, 2015, at Wiawaka Center for Women, on Lake George. Here is the link to the Writers Lab

There are a gazillion contests out there for everyone.  So get busy and submit that killer script of yours before the final deadline, or better yet, before the early bird entry deadline.


Until next time.

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