Tuesday, July 10, 2012

by Janet Lawler
July 10, 2012
Hark and Harold: The Christmas Movie
So it's summer... and I'm enjoying deliciously ripe fresh fruits.. papaya and blueberries.  All from our neighborhood fruit stand right here in Astoria. 

Also taking time to celebrate the fruits of our labor.

Our screenplay has advanced to the next round of competition! Congrats are in order for my writing partner Chris Keller and thanks to The PAGE International Screenwriting Awards for recognizing our efforts, Hark and Harold: The Christmas Movie!

Here is a snippet of the email we received from the PAGE Awards committee yesterday:
The Judges have now finished evaluating all of this year's entries in the First Round of competition. Only scripts that received a score of 60 or higher (approximately the top 25% of all entries) advanced to the Second Round, and based on your Round One scores, we're very happy to inform you that you have advanced to Round Two with:  Hark and Harold, The Christmas Movie.

We find our Sunday if we advance to the Third Round. Let's put good energy out there to make it happen.

Hey, the world can always use another family Christmas story. A Christmas tale has international appeal and is a timely subject EVERY year.  Kids love Christmas as do adults.  It's a holiday and story about faith, hope and the magic of Christmas.

I'll keep you all posted. 

Upcoming soon here at The NY Screenwriting Life: author/studio exec DeVon Franklin.

We have studio executive and author DeVon Franklin of the recent hit book "Produced by Faith" dropping by next week for a chat.  Don't miss it.  His recent interview with Oprah had big ratings... he talks about looking at your life like a movie in development.  If we embrace its ups and downs, conflicts, twists... we'll grow as "characters" and our life story will get the green light into production.  Amen!

Until next time,
Write on!

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