Saturday, December 31, 2011

December 31, 2011
by Janet Lawler

New Year's Eve 2011  Photo: Janet Lawler
As the clock ticks closer today to the New Year of 2012, I want to thank you for reading The NY Screenwriting Life blog throughout 2011.   Thanks for following on Kindle and Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

It's been a blast reviewing movies, TV shows and discussing writing in the arts... special thanks to writers Leslie Dixon "Limitless", Angelo Pizzo "Rudy" and Steven Pressfield "The War of Art" for their interviews here in 2011. 

Tonight, I'll be in Times Square when the ball drops.  Crazy, huh?  As a native New Yorker and member of the press, I've done it several times  -- and nothing is more thrilling than when that clock starts counting down and the ear-popping TICK, TICK, TICK reverberates throughout Times Square... your heart pounds with anticipation... the crowd cheers... the mega-sized screens countdown the numbers from 60... down to 1 at the final minute of the year.  And then...

... HAPPY NEW YEAR! CONFETTI... LIGHTS... Auld Lang Syne plays from giant speakers... and New Yorkers, tourists and cops hug -- reflecting on the year past (highs and lows) and hopeful for the new year ahead.  A clean slate.

And then, the melancholy music seques into Frank Sinatra singing New York, New York... 

... and there's barely a dry eye in the city.  If you're from New York, you're filled with pride... if you're not from New York, you're an honorary New Yorker at that very second.  

It gives me chills every time.  As one tourist said on TV the other night, Times Square on New Year's Eve is the center of the universe. We can't stop time... but that countdown is the closest we come to it.

Janet Lawler
The past few years have been a challenge for America economically, but we still have an awful lot to be thankful for as this year winds down.  We can work toward new goals, improve our lives and those of others -- even if by just being more positive in what we say each day at work, school, home -- and reaching for our dreams.  

It was a great year for me personally... I got married in NYC this past summer to my partner Carolina!... finished my new play and a screenplay... and am working in the greatest city on the planet.  I'm thankful to all my friends and family who make each day of the year joyful.

Lady Gaga performs
Happy New Year, All!  Go after what you want in 2012.  Hug someone tonight at midnight -- even a complete stranger -- and hope and strive for the very best to come.

Big online hug to you and yours.  HAPPY 2012 -- peace, good health and love.

Until next time. 

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