Monday, September 06, 2010

Outer Banks, NC   Photo by: Carolina Correa

Well, it's Labor Day and summer is unofficially over.

It felt like it the past few days when the weather in NYC went from hot and humid to breezy and cool.  Most New Yorkers will tell you that fall is their favorite season and for good reason -- there is nothing lovelier than autumn in New York.

I had a fairly productive summer as far as writing goes.  I've been working on my full-length play.  It's much harder work than I imagined, but I keep chugging along.  I've had a couple of short plays produced and sometimes even 10 minutes of hearing my dialogue seems "long" -- I can't imagine an hour or two of it!  The poor audience held captive in their seats.  I'm reading lots of successful plays  and those famous playwrights do go on and on... page after page... act after act... and the actors have a tremendous amount of lines to remember... but, hey, that never stopped Arthur Miller, Marsha Norman, David Mamet or Neil Simon.  Those writers are heroes to me and it's fun to read their work and to imagine that they too once stared at a blank page.  It takes courage to write -- to fail -- to be rejected -- and even to succeed. 

September has started off with a bang for my writing.  I got word that my short play Extreme Green is making its way finally to New York this November 5 and 6th, 2010.  It received a staged reading in Chicago at the Chicago Dramatists last year and then went on to be performed in Fort Myers, Florida by Thespian Productions -- and next up, it will come to the Big Apple with Thespian's New York productions.  It will be exciting.  I'm looking for a director and will cast it soon.

The next day I got word that I sold my other play NetFits (about a couple fighting over their joint NetFlix account) through

Production Scripts helps to market plays for playwrights all around the world.  Their website allows high school drama clubs, theaters and actors to find new plays to perform.  NetFits sold to a high school drama club... somewhere in Illinois.  It will be used for a workshop reading there.  How cool is that?  And I also get a $3.57 cent royalty too! 

Okay, so yeah -- I'll remain a starving artist in New York... but I couldn't be happier!

Happy Labor Day to you.  Keep reading and keep writing!

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